Today’s Plan launch powerful online training tools

Adelaide, Australia – 19 January 2015 — Australian software company, Today’s Plan, have developed a range of powerful online training tools that allow cyclists of any level to enjoy the quantifiable benefits of structured training. These tools are scientifically based and individually tailored. They are delivered via a suite of easy-to-understand tools, allowing riders to track and objectively measure their personal improvement.

Today’s Plan is demonstrating their products and cloud based system at the 2015 Santos Tour Down Under. They are excited to be presenting selective rider race data over the course of the six day race.

They are also showcasing how they integrate with various mobile platforms, including a variety of Garmin, Magellan, SRM and Android based devices.

Tailored training plans

A unique feature of Today’s Plan is the flexibility to tailor training plans to a rider’s skill and fitness level, rider’s goals and available time. The system allows riders to target specific goals including general fitness, particular cycling skills such as threshold power, events, races and weight control. Plans range in length from six to sixteen weeks and are scheduled according to availability and the number of hours a cyclist wishes to train.

Powerful analytics

Today’s Plan has made it simple for cyclists to track and understand their training progress. The system provides objective metrics which quantify training load and improvement and are suitable for all levels of riders.

The people behind the company

The company has four founders, including well known coach and sports scientist Mark Fenner. Mark is well known for his highly regarded FTP Training coaching business, and his role as high performance coach for the Avanti Racing Team.

Andrew Hall is an elite endurance MTB racer who has represented Australia in ultra endurance MTB events. He has over 18 years experience in software and development, and brings both his knowledge of elite cycling to the development of the Today’s Plan systems. He has worked with Mark Fenner for more than five years, and has an in-depth understanding of Mark’s proven training methodologies.

James Peek has been designing and developing leading interactive websites and applications for over twenty years for both government and private sector organisations around the world.

Ben Bowley has a 25 year history in leading technology companies including OKI, Panasonic and Apple.

Multi-tier mobile platform

  1. Today’s Plan have exposed the under-used, but highly powerful Garmin “Workout” functionality. Each day’s workout can be automatically synchronised to a Garmin device, enabling the Garmin to instruct and prompt the user on how to complete their scheduled session. This includes prompting the rider to maintain specific heart rate and power zone ranges required to complete their tailored training plan.
  2. Popular cycle computers and apps are supported – compatible file types include .FIT, .TCX, .SRM, .GPX and .ACT. Devices can be configured to automatically upload the rider’s data to Today’s Plan. Streamlining data upload is key to empowering the rider with data driven analysis.
  3. Today’s Plan have established themselves as an Australian leader on the new Garmin IQ “wearable” platform. Custom integration between the Garmin IQ platform and the Today’s Plan system can be deployed to the new Garmin Forerunner 920XT, enabling riders to access additional Today’s Plan features on the Forerunner device.
  4. Today’s Plan is previewing its smart phone based cycling computer which allows riders to seamlessly integrate their riding data and training plans with their mobile device. Both ANT+ and Bluetooth sensors are supported, enabling the app to collect data from a range of power meters and heart rate monitors.

Free & easy to try

Riders of all levels can try Today’s Plan for free! Users can develop a sample two week training plan and see how the system works. Each session is accompanied by instructional material and videos explaining how to complete each training session. The trial period gives riders the ability to log and track their training data after each ride with using the Today’s Plan analytics suite.

Prices start at AUD$29.95 for a six week plan including full data analytics, or AUD$9.95 per month for analytics only. Check it out at

Today’s Plan, tomorrow’s results.

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