5-minutes with Jenni King

6 August 2015

Pedal Lab coaching delivers scientific training for cyclists of any level – beginner, intermediate or professional. Whether you are competing at International, National, State or Club level or simply want to improve your recreational performance, I can provide a personalised training program to fit in with your everyday life.

Jenni King
Pedal Lab

Simplifying Communication between coach and athlete

In my experience, one of the most important components to a successful coach-athlete partnership is the communication between the two parties. As a coach, I certainly like to get to know each of the athletes I am working with through initial assessments and history taking and then through ongoing communication via phone, emails, messages etc.

While it would be fantastic to have the time and resources to be in contact with each athlete all of the time, in the real world this doesn’t happen. In recent years, training software systems such as Today’s Plan, have allowed for much quicker and easier updates on athletes and their progress. In the past it has been quite frustrating, having to spend so much time on the simple things such as time-tabling and trying to gather information from each and every athlete. I’m sure most coaches would agree, that we’d rather spend more time on the actual data analysis and designing individualised training programs! Today’s Plan software is certainly allowing me to spend more time on these such things.

Some of the functions of Today’s Plan that I am finding most useful for ease of communication include:

  • The ability for both athlete and coach to access calendars to make changes to upcoming events. Such changes can then be seen straight away by the other party so that any necessary alterations can be made.
  • Athletes are encouraged to review their sessions and rate feelings of mental and physical fatigue as well as sleep quality. The coach will then receive automatic alerts if the athlete has indicated particularly high levels of stress or fatigue.
  • Messages can be sent between coach and athlete within the system therefore eliminating the need for separate emailing which can quite often be very time consuming.
  • Athletes are able to set up their preferences for available training hours each day and week, allowing the coach to set the most affective training for each athlete depending on their time available.

Of course software systems such as Today’s Plan offer a lot more to coaches than simply making the communication far easier. Data analysis and training program development has certainly become a lot more scientific with the use of such software. However, I am personally finding that one of the most useful advantages to using Today’s Plan is simply having to spend far less time on the more mundane tasks and therefore more time on helping to develop each rider into the very best athlete they can be.

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