Oliver’s Real Food Racing – Tour of New Caledonia TTT

19 October 2015

Today’s Plan ambassadors and Australian National Road Series team, Oliver’s Real Food Racing are currently racing overseas in the Tour of New Caledonia. The team have been regulars at this tour for a number of years now bringing home some strong results in the past including multiple stage wins and last year winning the young rider classification and finishing 2nd on the overall general classification.

This year the 12-day tour kicked off with a 12 km teams time trial. The tour is renowned for having some unique stages and this stage was no different beginning with a short and very technical descent before flattening out where riders were hit with very strong crosswinds.

Stage 1: Teams Time Trial – 12 km, 16 min 37 secs

  • After dropping down the descent they went out quite hard maintaining that speed from the descent, where this rider set his best 5 min effort for the ride of 397 watts.
  • He also managed to hold onto this power quite well setting his best 10 min power for the ride from the base of the descent at 383 watts.
  • This rider paced himself well coming home strong where he set his best 1 min power for this ride in the final minute of the stage, at 500 watts.
Highlights this riders best 10min and 1min power

Highlights this riders best 10 min and 1 min power


Another visual angle of the power this rider was producing.

Another visual angle of the power this rider was producing.

In this chart it is possible to view the actual distribution of power during the TTT. You can see that there was a large amount of time spent up to 370 – 380 watts and then a small drop off before another spike of power bins between 420 – 440 watts. This could have been when this rider was rolling through for his turns on the front.

I hope this give insight into the demands of the TTT at the Tour of New Caledonia.