Tour of Margaret River – Stage 1 ITT: Matt Clark (Avanti Racing Team)

7 November 2015

While things are getting heated on Coronet Peak at the Tour of Southland in NZ, there is another end of season race going on in Western Australia, the Tour of Margaret River. We are going to take a quick look at stage 1, the individual time trial.

Stage 1 was dominated by the Avanti Racing Team who took out the first 4 places and in this quick data check we are going to look at the file from stage winner, Matt Clark. Matt narrowly beat from team mate Chris Hamilton by 1 second in what was a very close finish.

This quick analysis looks at what is a very common pattern in power distribution and production during a time trial. This could be a 3 min or 3 hour TT the pattern is invariably the same.


We can see Matt has started strongly before settling into a consistent rhythm through the end of the first half of the race. Heading into the third quarter there is a noticeable dip in power. This is very common and a challenge that every TT rider must manage and overcome to get the best result against the clock. Smart planning, course management and correct pacing is crucial to maintaining form and power through this section while setting you up to finish strongly.

This TT by Matt represents incredible horsepower for the diminutive climber as the details in the power chart show below. Nearly 6.8 watts/kg for the 12 minute effort is MASSIVE. It begs the question, how do the very best NRS riders in Australia compare to some of the best riders in the World in terms of power?