Analysis from the pack: personal improvement

15 February 2016

We’d like to introduce a regular segment where a Today’s Plan user sends in an interesting ride file to be analysed by one of our coaching staff. In doing so will show how you can use some the tools in Today’s Plan platform to analyse your own performance.

For our first Analysis from the Pack we’re going to look at Sydney-based cyclist Nic, who competed in a 25 km time trial recently. This is a regular TT for Nic, so is a good basis for comparing his performance on the same course, over different rides.

Facts that matter

Rider Nic
Age 28
Weight 70 kg
Threshold power 320 W (4.57 W/kg)
Bike Avanti Chrono Evo II
Power meter Pioneer SGY-PM910H


The Calga 25 km time trial is held on the first Sunday of each month just a short drive North of Sydney. The course is an out and back with a gentle rise over the first 12.5 km followed by a fast downhill trend to come home. It features an undulating course with lots of small rolling pinches.

Calga 25 km Time Trial - Course Profile

Calga 25 km Time Trial – Course Profile

Key Stats
Total time 38min:02sec
Avg speed 38.3 km/h
Adjusted power 295 W (4.21 W/kg)
Avg heart rate 181 BPM
Avg cadence 96 RPM
Avg temp 19°C
For Nic, this was his personal best time over the Calga 25 km course, finishing with a time of 38 minutes 2 seconds. This represented a 1 minute 15 second improvement over his time across the same course from just 1-month prior (January). For this Analysis from the Pack we will use the Today’s Plan ride graph to determine where Nic made his improvements.

You can see in the ride graph below, both Nic’s January and February attempts at the Calga 25 km course.

Ride analysis

February HRFebruary powerJanuary HRJanuary power

The similarity between Nic’s two efforts to the turnaround point is evident when creating custom laps. You can see that he was only 8-seconds in front of his January time at the halfway mark.

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The key portion of Nic’s race came after the turnaround when the course starts to trend downwards back to the finish line.

Ride analysis

It is quite evident to see where Nic’s improvement has come from throughout his two attempts at this event over 2016. Nic’s ability to maintain his power through that 3rd quarter of the race and onto the finish allowed him to achieve a fantastic personal best time.

Congratulations Nic and we look forward to seeing more improvements in the near future!

If you would like to feature in Analysis from the Pack send an email to with a brief description of the ride and which date it was performed.