Performance Index – an easy new way for power meter users to track their performance

New algorithm developed in conjunction with the head of sports science at Trek-Segafredo

Canberra, Australia – 20 July 2016 – Today’s Plan is pleased to announce the Performance Index, a new algorithm that makes it very easy for cyclists with a power meter to track their form and see their relative strengths and weaknesses. The Performance Index (PI) turns the rider’s recent peak power performances into a single number between zero and one thousand, making it easy for a rider to see if they are improving, or if their form is slipping. The PI also shows the rider their relative strengths, allowing the rider to better understand event and race strategies that will suit that individual.

Performance Index Ratio

Developed in conjunction with Dr. Daniel Green, Head of Sports Science for UCI WorldTour team, Trek-Segafredo, the Performance Index algorithm distills complex data into easy-to-digest, and most importantly, actionable information that gives riders a simple representation of their relative performance across the cycling spectrum by using all their peak power data ranging from 3 seconds through to 40 minutes.

Making it easier for people to understand their overall cycling performance, the Performance Index allows riders to look at their respective strengths for an instant snapshot of their current form and how it compares to previous points in time.

“What’s great about PI, is that it allows riders and coaches to very quickly gain a highly accurate sense of their current performance level,” said Dr. Daniel Green, Head of Sports Science for Trek-Segafredo. “While it’s a great tool for those not as well versed in the finer points of power data analysis, it’s still proven extremely useful at the professional level as well.”

Dr Green explains the PI in detail in this video.

As the price of entry for power-based training continues to drop, more and more riders are incorporating power meters into their routines. Today’s Plan has always held the goal of making this data relevant for a wider audience, turning complex data into information that’s easily accessible by riders of all levels.

Through self-configuring dashboards, instructional videos and meaningful, easy-to-understand analytics just like the Performance Index, Today’s Plan gives both seasoned professionals as well as those who are new to training with power the tools to use the metric most effectively, allowing them to achieve the maximum benefit from their training.

“At Stages, we focus on making products that allow cyclists to capture data as accurately and as easily as possible,” said Doug Crawford, Stages Cycling Vice President. “When a platform like Today’s Plan and algorithms like their Performance Index allow for a way to interpret this data just as easily, it really validates what we do, and what our goals are.”

Performance Index History

Based in the cycling capital of Australia, Canberra, the company began offering its comprehensive training system for cyclists in late 2014 and have continued to expand their coaching and analytical tools. Today’s Plan has become an indispensable tool to thousands of coaches and cyclists who use it on a daily basis.

About Today’s Plan

Today’s Plan is an advanced training and analytics platform for coaches, athletes and everyday riders. It was formed in 2014 with the vision of making the same high quality sports science, analytical tools and sensor technologies that are used by leading teams available to the everyday cyclists and their coach. Important to coaches and riders is the efficiency the platform provides in managing data including multi-rider analysis, coach-to-athlete communication, connected device management, and extensive online support tools for riders of all levels.

Today’s Plan, tomorrow’s results.

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