Displaying and analysing starred Strava™ segments in Today’s Plan

6 October 2016

For Strava™ premium users whose Garmin cycle computer marks the .fit file with Strava segments, you can now view these starred segments in the ride graph within Today’s Plan. To enable this feature, you must be a premium Strava user, where you can then search for and mark specific segments. For more information on how to enable this feature on your Garmin device follow the steps in this Strava help article.

You can use the Today’s Plan ride graph to analyse your starred segments in detail and see your performance across each segment. You can also click through to your Strava segments from the “Laps” tab in an activity.

Strava segments on the ride graph

You can then utilise the analytics tools in Today’s Plan to view a particular effort as well as compare this to all previous attempts utilising the ride graph.

To help you improve your rankings, you can utilise the Performance Index (PI) to identify Strava segments that are best suited to your riding strengths, then train specifically to improve your performance in those segments.

Strava segments