Today’s Plan Ecosystem

16 December 2016

In our wonderful two-wheeled world there are ever more ways to create, capture and visualise data. At Today’s Plan we know that integration with these other platforms makes the entire cycling experience more enjoyable for everyone.

See below for just how Today’s Plan is currently integrated within the cycling and data ecosystem and how you can get the most out of your riding.

Integration map

Integration map

Complete your workout sessions with ease

Have upcoming workouts and don’t want the hassle of remembering all the steps and target zones? Too wet and cold to ride outside? No worries! Choose your preferred platform below and be guided through your workout:

Data upload and visualisation

Having your data uploaded into Today’s Plan is a quick and easy process which allows you to spend more time reviewing your ride, than fiddling around with devices.

  • Pair your Today’s Plan account with Garmin Connect or Wahoo Elemnt – completed rides will be sent to us automatically.
  • Ride on Zwift? Connect your Zwift account to Today’s Plan and your data will be available by the time you step off the bike.
  • Looking to enhance your training by investing in an SmO2 device, we can ingest that data and display it for you as well!

Tracking your daily wellness information

With more and more companies bringing out wearable fitness technology, the need to be able to ingest and display this information is critical. We’re constantly expanding on our connections with wearable devices and advanced scales to allow you to visualise all this data in a meaningful way. Currently you can sync your daily wellness information including sleep hours and efficiency, resting heart rate, weight and step count from:

Our integration is ever expanding as new technologies emerge to continue to provide the most reliable and broad spectrum of cycling services available.

Happy Riding!