System update – January 2017 (2)

13 January 2017

Following on from our first January system update our development team have even more new features for you.

Unassociate/reassociate workouts and completed ride files quickly and easily

If you ride more than once in a day or have more than one scheduled workout for a single day you may have found that sometimes your completed ride file doesn’t always associate with the correct scheduled workout.

Now you can quickly and easily associate, unassociate or reassociate a scheduled workout with a completed ride file.


Split a single ride file into multiple files

This is a great new tool that you can use this tool for a number of different scenarios. Some of which may be:

  • You commute to/from work and don’t reset your head unit during the day
  • Your race file includes the warm up and cool down
  • You forgot to reset your head unit over night and have two separate rides bundled into one file.
  • You finished your ride and jumped in the car without stopping your head unit and it kept running.
  • Plus many more!

Split file