System update – January 2017 (3)

27 January 2017

In a flurry of new development releases our tech guys have a range of new features, this time mostly related to our coaching groups plus a few little improvements for the wider user-base. In this release we have:

Improved Ride Graph layout with dynamic VAM calculations

  • Stepped zoom feature so when you zoom in on the ride graph you’re able to scale in and out based on your previous selections.
  • The table below the ride graph has had a facelift to streamline the user experience and highlight average values.
  • When you select a segment on the ride graph the table below will also dynamically calculate VAM for that segment.

VAM in the the ride graph

Create your workout templates with Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE)

  • You can now incorporate an RPE rating with each interval of your workout templates

RPE on workout templates

Improved multi-rider programming

  • We’ve implemented significant speed and functional improvements when viewing the calendar in multi-rider mode. In multi-rider mode you can now see a ‘single-week’ view of each rider and can use the left (<) and right (>) arrows to navigate between weeks.

Single week view

Thats all from us this January – stay tuned for more coming in early February.

Happy riding!