System update – January 2017

3 January 2017

Redesign calendar display

An updated calendar layout with a revised design for daily activities.

The colour code remains the same for an activity matching a workout, just in a clearer layout on the calendar.

  • Red: Outside ± 35% of the scheduled workout duration
  • Orange: Between ± 15% and ± 35% of the scheduled workout duration
  • Green:  Inside ± 15% of the scheduled workout duration

Weekly calendar notes have been updated so they now display the note on the left hand side in the weekly summary table, and if hovered over will display the complete note. This is the same functionality for workouts.

Your calendar view is still completely configurable, and can be done from the right hand side of the calendar at the top of the workout builder. This includes subjective ratings and wellness data, as well as your workout and activity information.

Calendar descriptionsConfigure calendar

Garmin Wellness synchronisation

You can now have all of your Garmin Wellness data automatically sync. directly to your Today’s Plan account. This includes all of your weight, sleep data, steps, calorie intake and resting heart rate.

You can configure your calendar display to show all of this data for each day.

Garmin Wellness

Daily activity ratings

Under each activity you can now complete new subjective ratings specific to the activity. These are:

  • RPE: Rate of perceived effort
  • LPS: Leg pain score
  • TQR: Total quality recovery

These can be displayed on the calendar, as well as areas of the site where the fields can be configured. These include the dashboards, quick file search and My files.


Calendar and subjective ratings icons

We have updated the daily features to now include icons next to each feature, as well as a new look for the stars below the subjective and wellness ratings.


Ride graph changes

The ride graph will now display the points in your ride file that have no data recorded when viewing your ride in the ride graph over elapsed time.

Ride graph

Bug fixes and other minor features

  • Fix for satisfaction rating showing incorrect scale
  • Switching between an unstructured and structured workout can be done in the top right of the workout modal

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