System update – March 2017

20 March 2017

Our development team have a range of new features for you this March – some of which have gone live today while others are going to be released over the coming weeks but you can catch a sneak peak right here!

Summary window for all users – live now!

The new activity summary window has been an optionally available for the last two weeks and has been set as the default for all new accounts during this time. The activity summary window allows a quick and efficient overview of a ride file and you can expand this window for a more detailed overview of the ride.

Please note this will affect your Daily Wellness ratings and where you’re able to fill them out. Once this is turned on you will find your daily wellness ratings in the calendar by clicking the + symbol on a given day and then “Record subjective wellness”.

Record subjective ratings and additional functionality in the mobile training manager app

In the calendar page of your mobile app you’ll notice a nice big new + symbol. Click this to perform a range of functions that have only previously been found on the website version of the site including recording your daily subjective wellness ratings.

New dashboard – coming soon!

The dashboard is a great place for reviewing historical trends within your training. We’ve put a lot of time into a major overhaul of this component and very soon you’ll have the option to try them out.

Once the new dashboard is activated you’ll be greeted with a new default dashboard layout put together by our in-house team of coaches. There are plenty of ways you’re able to customise this to your own preferences and our Help window will step you through this.

Static plans for coaches – coming soon!

This feature will allow coaches to create plan templates that can be dragged into calendars for athletes or bundle pre-configured workouts which target specific training phases or events.


That’s all for now – keep your eyes peeled for more features that will be rolled out over the coming weeks and as always,

Happy riding!