Cam Ivory – Sea Otter podium and the ideal race preparation

3 May 2017

We touched base with Cam Ivory to discuss his race at Sea Otter XCO Pro in the US, how he dialled his race preparation as well as his plans for the rest of the MTB World Cup season. With a 5th at the Sea Otter XCO Pro event, his season has started well as he prepares for the upcoming World Cups.

How was your Sea Otter experience Cam?

I loved racing at Sea Otter and was stoked to be mixing it in the same group as Olympic and World Champion, Nino Schurter! To finish on the podium in 5th place (1min 5sec down) was a great feeling, and I was pleased to see I had set 5 new power PBs when I uploaded my data to Today’s Plan that night.

Peak powers across the board, highlighting Cam’s consistency and overall conditioning

How did the race unfold for you?

I started on the second line and was able to settle into a group of 7 riders that managed to open a gap behind us. I remained in the bunch for a few laps until I started to fall behind in sections, not being able to follow strong attacks from the likes of Nino, Anton Cooper, Sam Gaze and Howard Grotts. I tried to race smart which worked well for me and I managed to chase back to the group a few times. With 2 laps to go of the 8, some big gaps had opened up but I was thankful I still had enough left in the legs to make up 2 spots on the last lap.

Power time in zones highlights the extremely high intensity of these races. Considering the free wheeling involved in the technical sections, there is not a lot of recovery time.

The time in heart rate zones emphasises that throughout the entire race Cam was operating at his limit. Navigating technical terrain at the same time is another reason why XCO racing so hard.

Travelling and racing the professional MTB circuit can be difficult, how did you manage your lead up to the Sea Otter?

It was the best I had felt on the bike in quite a while and I have it up there with one of my best performances. I felt like I was over my limit for the majority of the race trying to hold onto the group as if my life depended on it, but I managed to maintain it. A solid week of training in the Santa Monica hills one week prior helped me squeeze in one last bit of load, before a taper into the race allowed me to sharpen up and hit race day with great legs.

From a PI of 479 on 2nd February to a peak of 797 on race day at the Sea Otter XCO Pro event, Cam’s build has been consistent and timed exceptionally well.

What is next for you?

I’m looking forward to the next training block from FTP Training and this performance has given me extra motivation to train hard and see what I’m capable of. With the World Cup season only a few weeks away, I’ll continue to monitor where I’m at every day with Today’s Plan and make sure I’m getting the best out of my training!

Good luck Cam, we will be following with interest and will touch base throughout the season!