Follow your Today’s Plan workouts on Zwift!

8 June 2017

Virtual training has certainly developed in leaps and bounds in recent years, with the success of Zwift a testament to this. Many argue that virtual training has turned a once boring indoor training session into an exciting new world where you can join virtual bunch rides, race athletes from around the world as well as follow your own training plan.

The advantages of indoor training are plenty given we know that the body will respond to training that is consistent in structure and progressively increases over time. Indoor training allows you to do this with programs such as Zwift, that eliminate variables such as weather, traffic lights as well as the other things life can throw at you.

You can connect your Zwift account with your Today’s Plan account, which allows you to follow your training indoors with no interruption. Once your accounts are linked, you will be able to find your Today’s Plan workouts automatically synced into Zwift under the Today’s Plan Custom Workouts folder. You can build your own workout templates in Today’s Plan, follow your coach’s workouts or use any of our existing workouts, including some our of Zwift specific ones. You will need an ANT+/Bluetooth receiver for your PC to begin riding on Zwift, or if you are using your iPhone/iPad you can just use Bluetooth to detect your compatible sensors.

For more information on building workouts for Zwift please see this blog post.

You can then select your workout and follow the on screen prompts within Zwift to ensure you are hitting your workout targets! For those who own a smart trainer you can have Zwift automatically control your trainer using the prescribed workout targets.

Once you finish your workout you will be prompted on screen if you would like to save your ride to Today’s Plan and any other connections you might have. Within seconds your activity will be synced automatically to your Today’s Plan account for you to dive in and discover just how hard that Zwift session really was!

For many, the world of virtual training and riding indoors was once boring and tedious to set up. With automated syncing between your Today’s Plan account and Zwift account you can now be riding indoors with less stress and more enjoyment!

James Lamb – Head Coach Athlete Lab Sydney, Australia

James ‘CHOPS’ Lamb is an Endurance mountain biking athlete and coach. James has dedicated the last ten years to the sport of mountain biking and cycling. He is head coach at Athlete Lab, Sydney where his role is training and educating cycle instructors and facility managers on how they can teach indoor cycling with power effectively. His accreditations include Elite Master Trainer Life Fitness ICG Asian Pacific Region, and a Diploma of Fitness, CERT 4 Personal training, Indoor Cycling Master Trainer and Altitude coaching certificate.