System update – September 2017

7 September 2017

The team here at Today’s Plan are very excited about this update with some fantastic new dashboard tools to help you gather actionable information from your ride data. See below for a snippet of what’s now available and stay tuned for a master class video on how you can get the most out of them!

Power by % threshold bpm

This chart displays power along the x-axis and % of threshold HR along the y-axis. This allows users to easily see how their power tracks in comparison to percentages of their threshold HR for different time periods. The threshold HR and PWR values are also highlighted on the graph by the red horizontal and vertical lines.

Power by % threshold bpm

Distribution chart

The distribution chart allows you a high definition analysis of any data fields you choose. For example you can view any metric available in Today’s Plan and look at the total duration or the % of total duration in 10W brackets. You can customise this graph with easy to use settings to display and index which values are used as well as customising the x-axis bucket sizes. This graph is also great for tracking simple summary information.

As an example you can view the number of rides you’ve completed in 10km blocks. Using the custom period filters as well will allow you to overlay multiple time periods to really bring out the power of this tool.

Scatter graph

The scatter graph allows you to plot any range of data on the x and y axis to compare any data you might be interested in. You could do this for raw data such as average power vs average heart rate or something more exotic like average power vs subjective fatigue ratings.

Metrics report

The final new tool is the metrics reporting where you’re able to easily compare any values you like, over any time period for a quick overview of peak, average or weighted average values.

We’ve got a lot more in the pipeline so keep your eyes peeled on our blog as well as Today’s Plan on FacebookTwitter and YouTube channel.