Visualise your performance: turning data to information

10 October 2017

“I believe the next real advantage will come not from which team can acquire the most data, but from which team can best put the insights gained from that data into practice – day to day, week after week. This partnership with Today’s Plan will give Team Sky that advantage.” 

– Sir Dave Brailsford, Team Principal of Team Sky

Overwhelmed by data? Today’s Plan makes training decisions easier by turning your data into actionable information that allows you to make informed decisions that help you achieve your goals.

New dashboards – preconfigured by Today’s Plan

We have released four new preconfigured dashboards to make it easier for you to visualise all of your training data.

To use these new preconfigured dashboards head to the dashboards tab and select ‘add’ from the drop down menu. A list of the new preconfigured dashboards will appear. Select the dashboard you’d like to add from the drop down.

Dashboard instruction


The four dashboard presets we’ve added are:


The summary dashboard will provide you with a basic overview of your training and all recent data. You can easily access past and upcoming workouts and get a high level overview of basic information and weekly totals along with other key summary information.

Training Zones

The training zones dashboard will allow you to look at how you’re spending your time while training whether it be by training time or distance or more advanced metrics like time in specific zones.


The performance dashboard, as the name suggests, highlights performance. Here you can view a range of performance based metrics like the Performance Index, Peak powers and heart rates.


The trends dashboard is setup to compare and contrast your current riding data with historical value to look for patterns in your improvement and identify areas where you can improve.

Or configure your own

These templates are still highly configurable to meet your needs, so you can change time periods and other parameters on these presets, or create your own dashboard from scratch by adding a blank template.

Dashboard example