Integration with HRV4Training

21 December 2017

HRV4Training is used to measure your Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability reliably, without requiring any sensors. It is an app that can be downloaded and used to detect changes in blood volume during a cardiac cycle, by illuminating the skin and measuring changes in light absorption using the camera on your phone.

As many HRV4Training users are also Today’s Plan users, we have received many requests to integrate the two platforms. We have worked closely with HRV4Training and their development team to provide all HRV4Training users with the ability to push their physiological data to Today’s Plan.

To enable this you will have to navigate to your HRV4Training app, and then to the Menu / Settings to enable the integration. You will be prompted to login with your Today’s Plan credentials, and once linked HRV4Training will push your metrics each day automatically, right after the measurement, directly into your Today’s Plan account.

You can also manually push data for any past day from the History page in the HRV4Training app, by tapping a measurement bar, and selecting “Push to Today’s Plan”. Your data will show in your “body and sleep metrics” in Today’s Plan.

App integration

App integration

We hope you’ll enjoy the new feature and please see a few screenshots below of the feature in use.