System update – April 2018

12 April 2018

New features & fixes


  • New look and feel on many of the input fields throughout the site


  • New options for coaches in the calendar – including the ability to copy weeks between athletes involved in team camps or group programs.
  • Improved daily and weekly training load calculations, with ability to set custom CTL checkpoints
  • Workout library now supports unstructured workouts
  • Workout library can now be grouped by tags – allowing you to create your own directories of workouts
  • New user interface for adding/building structured or unstructured workouts

Activity summary

  • New prescription table for showing your upcoming workout details
  • New load chart – includes the ability to overlay your top 5 “bests” and integrated subjective wellness timeseries
  • Load metrics available in activity title bar
  • Load chart and load metrics are configurable – change their colour and which metrics you want to see
  • New energy per hour graph
  • New W/kg time in zones
  • Improved peak heart rate curve graph and table – includes logarithmic scaling, heart rate zone colours and heat map for relative comparisons

Activity details

  • Improved activity (ride) graph with connected and interactive widgets
  • Data and graphs previously available in independant tabs are now available as activity graph interactive widgets
  • Support for multiple “dashboards” or widget sets below the activity graph
  • New widget picker for finding widgets to add
  • Consolidated activity graph menu options and buttons
  • Support for customising the graph – change series colours, line types etc
  • Support for rolling average channels – ie add a 3s rolling average power series
  • Support for configuring the interval “flag” text seen on the graph
  • Support for configuring default reference lines to show on all activities
  • New simplified and configurable intervals table widget
  • New intervals and peaks selection, graph overlay widget – zoom to an interval/peak, show where intervals/peaks are on the graph, overlay multiple intervals and peaks
  • Support for heart rate, pace (run) and leg spring stiffness (run) peaks
  • Support for showing peaks in the intervals table
  • New interval / peaks / selection summary widget
  • Today’s Plan Masterclass: Activity Analysis page


  • New load chart graph
  • New dashboard widget picker
  • Lots of misc enhancements and bug fixes to the available widget set


  • New advanced file search screen – search on 100’s of possible metrics
  • New and simplified file reprocess screen
  • New log a manual activity screen – ability to set any of the extended fields available on an activity
  • New simplified My account / preferences screen
  • New sport and threshold preferences screen
  • Support for customizing the formula used to calculate your power thresholds
  • New Threshold History utility which can help you or your coach determine your threshold. Also provides you with a ‘depth’ tool for reviewing your top N best results
  • New “Athletes/My riders” tab for coaches to bulk review all their riders threshold and sport preferences
  • New sport preference to choose the algorithm used for calculating T-Score

Multisport specific features

  • Sport preferences, power, pace and heart rate thresholds and zones per sport
  • Multiple algorithms available for T-Score calculation – including Stryd RSS, and support for choosing pace, power or heart rate as your preferred T-Score dataset.
  • Calendar support for multi-sport – including weekly summary per sport breakdowns, per day load tracking and seasonal planner chart with combined or per sport options.
  • Seasonal planner chart now supports distance
  • Workout prescription – support for “repetition cycle” intervals, support for pace prescription (including pace zones), support for distance prescription.
  • Workout prescription – support for exporting structured run workouts as Garmin FIT workouts and Zwift
  • Workout library includes 100s of structured workouts for run and swim
  • Support for processing run, swim and other sport files. Including support for lap swimming, Garmin Run Dynamics, Stryd Power, “chained” swim files etc
  • New Dashboard, Single page widgets and Activity Summary widgets for multisport – including peak pace, peak leg spring stiffness, energy per km/mile, swim lap analysis etc
  • Support for reprocessing files as different sport types
  • Load chart supports independent or combined load tracking per sport
  • Load tracking and calculations per sport
  • Support for customising the algorithm used for your threshold calculations
  • Extended support for configuring when to include zeros and minimum speed settings (i.e. run)