Check your progress in 5 minutes

23 May 2018

The Today’s Plan dashboards form the basis of your overall analysis and assessment of how you are progressing with your chosen sport/s. There are options to suit those that are after a simple, clear, and concise view of their data right through to those wanting further in-depth detail and multiple configuration options.

In this particular blog, we are going to focus on the functionality of the dashboards at a basic level for someone following a training plan. In this dashboard setup we show you how you can determine your progress in 5 minutes and if you are on track to hitting your goals.

The dashboard set up can be broken into 3 key steps, which can also be compared with the way in which you set your single page activity view. These are:

  1. Create and name your profile in the top left of the dashboards screen.
  2. Add a panel from the top right of the dashboards screen and choose your particular widget.
  3. Use the options in the top right of that panel to configure the widget and/or add another tab.

TIP: Throughout the platform, if you are ever looking to adjust a panel, widget or graph look to the top corners for the configuration options and help articles.

Now that you have set up your dashboards you need to ensure the dashboard profile settings are correct. This can be done in the top right of your profile view and you can select the time period/s, sport type and for coaches the riders.

This setting will apply to all panels in that dashboard profile UNLESS a widget has a custom time period. A custom time period allows a user to adjust settings for a particular widget such as the time period or the sport type.

The widgets used in this dashboard profile are:

  • Activities – recent, upcoming and activities pending completion (top left widget)
  • Daily time series – a set of time series graphs based on day and activity metrics (top right widget)
  • Scheduled vs Completed – a chart showing scheduled activities vs completed activities (bottom left widget)
  • Metrics – a configurable table for extracting detailed aggregate activity data. This widget is best used with a custom filter enabled and multiple fields selected (middle right widget)
  • Time in zones – the amount of time spent in each training zone over time (bottom right widget)

Don’t hesitate to contact if you need any help setting up your dashboard profile.