Load tracking: How objective and subjective data can provide better insights

9 May 2018

Just how far can you push yourself before you fatigue and your training becomes ineffective and detrimental?

This is a very broad question, and often hard to determine the exact answer but with our recent update we have delivered you multiple tools to track your training load, both subjectively and objectively, with the aim of helping you to identify trends in your training, and how to get the most out of your training.

In Today’s Plan you can fill out your subjective wellness ratings, for a given day as well as for a specific activity/workout. Not only this, we can also use power, heart rate and/or pace to determine your training load from your files that you upload or manually log in your calendar.

When you open an activity, you will notice in the activity summary view a “Load” tab, as well as your load displayed in the top right of the activity summary view. In the top right of the load tab you will see an options icon featuring settings for your load graph. You can now:

  • Optimise the colours and channels you view when opening the load tab
  • Show peak performance on the load tab such as peak W, W/kg and HR
  • Display your subjective wellness ratings so that you can directly compare with your on bike training load
  • Adjust the time period displayed

Customising your load chart

You can also view your load chart in your dashboards and on the calendar in the form of the Seasonal Planner Chart (SPC). In both these areas you can choose to combine the sports that you do into one graph or view the individual load for each sport.

Customise your load tracking in the dashboards

On the calendar you can view your sport tallies and weekly load on the left of the calendar in the weekly summary, and for each given day in the calendar. The daily subjective wellness ratings are also displayed at the bottom of each day in the calendar, and you can adjust this display in the options on the right of the calendar. With all of your load settings being displayed on the calendar you can begin planning for your next big goal.

Adjustable load display for complete seasonal planning