Today’s Plan launches the next generation of training tools for triathlon coaches and athletes

Canberra, Australia – 23 April 2018

Suitable for self coached athletes and coaching businesses, Today’s Plan brings the era of “big data” analytics to multisport. The platform combines extensive & customisable objective data from emerging sensor technologies with athletes’ subjective & wellness data to create a much more complete picture than traditional training platforms. 

Launched in 2015, Today’s Plan is the data and analytics partner for UCI World Tour Teams Trek-Segafredo and Team Sky. The company has now extended its product beyond solely cycling to encompass multisport – particularly Triathlon training and racing.

Key points:

  • Partnership with Elite US based Triathlon coach & ‘Running with Power” author Jim Vance. This partnership has guided the overall development of the coaching & athlete’s tools for triathletes and specifically the metrics and data visualisation for running with power – see screenshot attached and quote from “Coach Vance”
  • “Next gen” sports tech platform for Triathlon Coaches creating unrivalled efficiency: The platform allows coaches to use their individual methodology, including athlete subjective ratings, objective & subjective data visualisation using the ‘big data’ engine within Today’s Plan, sports science choices and coach company branding. The platform also has extensive multi athlete prescription and analysis tools for coaches. Coach tools overview video.
  • Intuitive: makes it possible for every athlete to train like a pro
  • Highly customisable to suit each individual athlete or coach
  • Plays nice with Garmin – Download upcoming run/swim/ride workouts via Today’s Plan ‘Shifter’ application and follow them on compatible Garmin training devices*, upload completed activities via Garmin Connect or Shifter. Workout sync is available via Garmin Connect IQ.
  • Automatically sync run & ride workouts to Zwift and upload completed sessions
  • Proven technology – Today’s Plan is the exclusive training & analytics partner for world cycling powerhouses Trek-Segafredo and Team Sky
  • ‘Big data’ platform that combines existing and emerging sensor technology with wellness and subjective ratings and turns that data into information for athletes and coaches
  • Free 7 day trial

Today’s Plan specialises in taking a range of data from emerging sensor technology and turns that data into actionable information for athletes and coaches. For example, runners and triathletes who use a Stryd™ power meter or Garmin’s Running Dynamics™  can visualise metrics such as run power, Leg Spring Stiffness, vertical oscillation and ground contact time over the course of weeks, months or years to provide valuable training insights.

Run Power Dashboard

Some of the metrics available within Today’s Plan helping runners improve their performance

“I switched to Today’s Plan because the data and the analytics are the best there is, hands down, no one is better. The real strength is that the data and analytics are combined with incredible subjective data that athletes can enter and that makes the coach/athlete relationship that much stronger, data that much more valid and valuable.

The efficiency at which I, as a coach, can evaluate and update training programs and performance plans, is the best I have ever seen. I didn’t realize how much more efficient I could be until I began using Today’s Plan.”

Jim Vance – Professional triathlon coach and author of Run with Power

Load Chart

The ability to overlay an athlete’s ‘subjective ratings’ over their ‘objective’ sensor data is key.