System update – June 2018

7 June 2018

Please see below the release notes for our latest update.

For All Users

  • Drag-and-drop function for re-ordering intervals in the workout builder. This allows you to click and drag an interval from one location to another without having to click the up/down arrows consistently.
  • Clone intervals in the workout builder. If you’ve created an interval that you’d like to repeat again later in your workout, simply click the clone button on the right hand side to re-create it. This will save you a lot of time and effort when creating the same or similar intervals that repeat multiple times in an activity.

  • Power Efficiency (RPE. Adj.). This metric was developed by Dr. Andrea Morelli of Mapei Sport. It adds a subjective component to your Power Efficiency metric which is a great way to track improvement in your aerobic fitness over time. You can add this metric to your activity summary page and dashboard widgets. To calculate this value, you’ll need to ensure the data file has both Power & Heart rate as well as ensure you’ve filled out your RPE score for that activity.

Power efficiency looks at your Average Power / Average HR. Improving your Power output for a given HR, or decreasing your HR for a given Power output are signs that you’re improving your aerobic fitness however it doesn’t always tell the whole story. In some cases your HR will be suppressed due to fatigue or elevated due to external arousal factors such as caffeine. These factors can skew your Power Efficiency so the Power Efficiency (rpe) looks to control for this by dividing the above value by your Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE on 1-10 scale). A higher number will indicate improvements in aerobic fitness and can be achieved via increasing power output, decreasing heart rate response or a subjectively ‘easier’ feeling associated with the activity.

  • A range of miscellaneous bug fixes

For Coaches

  • Coaches can now lock their athletes zones tables via your Coaching Settings page. This will ensure an athlete doesn’t update their zones table that you’ve based your workout targets off.
  • Coaches are also able to receive a notice in your inbox if an athlete adds or deletes an event from their calendar. This can also be toggled via the Coaching Settings page.

  • We have removed the option for athletes to add in a taper week to their calendar when they add an event to their calendar.