Today’s Plan launches activity sharing!

5 July 2018

We are excited to launch our public activity sharing so you can share your activities on your favourite social feed. Whether it be a lung busting workout or an epic adventure, you can now share your experience on Facebook or Twitter directly, as well as download and share to other platforms. Rather than trying to explain your latest workout or adventure with your friends, you can now just share it with them to ensure FOMO (Fear of missing out) takes over and they join the next adventure with you.

You can share any of your activities, whether it be a completed workout, a race, an epic adventure or even your social group activity. Simply start by opening the to the detailed view of your activity.

In the top right of your activity, select the share icon, make any changes or comments to your activity and then post to Twitter and/or Facebook.


Advanced Options

  • You can make comments and rename your activity. For example: “The final 2hrs of my ride today”.
  • You can adjust the fields that you wish to display, and have up to 6 different fields displayed at one time.
  • You can adjust the display colours for your shared activities in the configuration modal.
  • You can choose to just share part of your file such as a specific interval or peak. For example you could share your peak 20 min power from your race.
  • You can also overlay multiple files to share. For example you could overlay your threshold test from 6 months ago with your most recent threshold test.

Please note that this is only available on the website at the moment, but we will be bringing this functionality to the app shortly. Also for those with custom branding such as coached athletes or race teams, you will see this displayed in your image that you share.

Enjoy and make sure you share your adventures with your friends and followers!