System update – September 2018

18 September 2018

As a part of our commitment to deliver a better experience for all our users, we have updated the platform to include more powerful athlete management tools as well as general speed and usability updates. Please take the time to have a read through these below.

Smart Alerts

This new feature allows coaches to control what they and their athletes are alerted to when they upload a ride file. Previously, both the athlete and coach were alerted to all issues (new threshold recorded, low power meter battery, etc). Coaches now have full control over this process to refine the user experience for their riders. These settings are available in the “Athletes” tab under “Smart Alerts”.

Note – a detailed run through of all the Smart Alerts is located at the bottom of this article.

Smart Alerts

Rest Day Templates

Rest days can now be added in as “template workouts”. This allows coaches to customise the details given to athletes on rest days as opposed to relying on the Today’s Plan generated rest day message. Add a template working by clicking “Add template workout” at the bottom of the Workout library, then click “Rest or recovery” as shown below.

Add a recovery day

4 minute Peak Power

Users are now able to see their 4 minute peak power in the Peaks table. This will also appear in any relevant field select areas of the site such is in the metrics table on the dashboard or intervals table in the activity summary view.

Monitoring athlete workouts

We have now included an icon for workouts that were added by your athletes, so you can monitor exactly what workouts you set for your athletes versus those that your athlete added. You can see this in the top right of a workout on your athletes calendar and this will appear for any workouts that they add, as well as any workouts that they move of yours.

How to set-up Smart Alerts

The smart alerts can be adjusted for each type of alert.

The first column is control of alerts based off the subjective ratings. Most athletes give this feedback via the Today’s plan app, but it can also be done through the Calendar on the desktop app as shown below. 

Wellness Ratings alerts

Alerts are set based off a rating threshold. This can be set by clicking on each rider individually, or by clicking “subjective ratings” at the top and setting one value for all riders. The higher the value you enter, the more alerts you are likely to get. For example, if you enter 5, then any rating a rider submits that is equal or less than 5 will trigger an alert for you. If you only want alerts in extreme fatigue cases, select a lower number.

The second column allows alerts to be triggered based off activity ratings. These ratings cover overall session effectiveness, session duration and session intensity. They are rated on a scale between 1-5, with 3 being the perfect score. For example, a duration rating of 1 means the session was too short, 3 was the perfect length, and 5 was too long.

Activity rating alert

Alerts are triggered based off how far away the rating was from “3”. For example, if you enter the value 1 as your alert trigger, you will be alerted when a rider rates an activities at 1, 2, 4 or 5. If you want to receive alerts only in extreme situations, set the value to 2. This will only alert you when a rider rates an activity as a 1 or a 5. Finally, entering a value of 3 will turn off any activity rating notifications.

Smart Alerts

The final columns allow you to control alerts for yourself and for any athletes you coach. You have control to turn on and off the following alert types for yourself and your athletes:

  • Device configuration- alerts related to head unit FTP mismatches and sample rates
  • Device management- alerts related to power meter battery, power meter firmware and zero offset
  • Data integrity- alerts to possible issues with a ride file e.g. altitude, temperature, power spikes
  • Workout targets- alerts related to scheduled vs completed targets
  • Thresholds- alerts related to system calculated “new thresholds”

Athlete Review Updates

To make managing your coaching load simpler, we have included a few updates to the Summary tab. The first is the “Last Workout” column, which shows how many days away from the last workout you have scheduled for a rider. In the next column over, there is a “Next Review” feature, which allows you to set a date for when you next need to schedule a riders training. This is useful if you have riders on different coaching packages and need to update schedules weekly, monthly, etc.

Smart Alerts

The time period for when an alert shows in the Athletes summary tab can be adjusted in the top right hand corner of the tab (the default setting is 7 days). Finally, clicking on the title of a column will sort the riders in that order, which is particularly useful for columns such as the “Last workout”, so you can sort in order of which riders schedules need most urgent attention.

Bug fixes and speed improvements:

  • SRM PC8 users may have noticed an issue where the ride map for an activity would show incorrect locations when they experienced GPS dropouts. This issue has been fixed so the map view for PC8 users is now correct and if historical files are reprocessed the map will display correctly.
  • Speed improvements during the sign-up process for new riders, and for the workout library loading.