Weather Forecasts on Calendar for Planning Training

28 September 2018

One of the biggest variables in coaching and training can often be the weather, as it complicates even the best laid training plans. Depending on where one lives, the weather can change quickly and become something which makes certain sessions either impossible, dangerous or completely unenjoyable.

If it’s going to be incredibly hot, coaches may prescribe lighter sessions on that day, and the harder sessions on the cooler days, or change the main stress of the workout, or even where and when the workout is conducted.

Even at races, knowing the weather can help make race plans more effective and detailed for the weather demands and potential pitfalls.

Today’s Plan helps athletes and coaches improve their efficiency by putting the weather forecast right into the training calendar, with forecasts up to 4 days in the future. This allows a bit of time for coaches and athletes to assess the training and make changes as needed, without being surprised and suddenly scrambling to figure out how to change a session, or wishing they had known, as they likely would have changed a few other days to accommodate the poor weather.


Today’s Plan utilizes Weather Underground, which is a crowd-supported weather app, to confirm the actual temperatures by people who are local. This makes for much more accurate predictions and current conditions. Placing your cursor over the weather forecast info, along with other key info.


If you coach athletes who are not in your climate, or are constantly on the move, facing new climate conditions, then this feature is something you’ll want to take to advantage of.

Post by Jim Vance