System update – October 2018

17 October 2018

Please see below the release notes for our latest update.

New feature – Achievements!

In this latest update we have updated our achievements display so you can capture a better overview of your achievements. This compares your recently uploaded activities to your previous data so you will receive an achievement if you achieve a new personal best. There are 3 achievement types that reflect the time period for which your achievement is in: 12 months (Gold), 6 months (Silver) and 6 weeks (Bronze). These achievements apply for a range of training data including:

  • Peaks (Power, w/kg, heart rate, etc) for a range of durations
  • Metrics (Training time, elevation, temperature, etc)

The achievements will be shown on the calendar for each activity, as a small badge icon as shown below.

You can turn off the achievement icons that appear in the weekly summary box (as shown above as 3 bronze, 4 gold above) by clicking the calendar preferences icon in the top right of the calendar and de-selecting “Show Achievements”.

Achievement notifications appear in your activities as shown below. You will also receive inbox messages when you get a new achievement.

As an individual, the achievements function can also be turned off completely, or you can select to stop receiving notifications for them. This is done by clicking your name in the top right hand corner, going into Account, then Preferences. Under “Achievements” you can configure the settings as you like.
Coaches are able to control the achievement notifications for them and their athletes under their “Athletes” page in the “Achievements” tab.

New feature – Event countdown

We have added in countdowns to the calendar to give users a reminder of when their next “A” priority event is. To turn this function on, click the Calendar options in the top right of the workout library window, and select “Show next “A” Race”, as shown below. These will be automatically generated for any “A” events on the calendar.

System Update October

Other enhancements

  • Bug fixes for the inbox