13 November 2018

We have recently updated our achievements display so you can easily see your best performances in a given area for one of three periods – 6 weeks, 6 months or 12 months.

This feature compares your recently uploaded activities to your previous data so you will receive an achievement if you achieve a new personal best. These 3 achievement types are coloured coded depending on the time period the personal best was achieved in: 12 months (Gold), 6 months (Silver) and 6 weeks (Bronze). These achievements apply for a wide range of activity data including:

  • Peaks (Power, w/kg, heart rate, etc) for a range of durations
  • Metrics (Training time, elevation, temperature, etc)

In this blog post we look into achievements in more depth and break it down into two perspectives; one from an athletes point of view and one from a coaches.

For Athletes

As a part of our new achievements feature, we have given all athletes the ability to customise what type of achievements are calculated and whether they are notified of them. Let’s start by looking at the achievements as seen on the calendar.


Athlete’s also have the ability to customise what achievements they would like to be calculated. You can find these options by clicking your name in the top right-hand corner > Account > Preferences > Achievements.

You can select to turn on or off any of the options below. For example, if you de-selected “Periods: Last 6 weeks” the system would no longer show any achievements if they were only personal bests for the last 6 weeks. Under the “Metrics” option, you can choose to turn off any metrics that you don’t wish to be calculated, perhaps if you don’t look at them regularly or use them regularly as part of your training analysis.


Full list of available achievements:

  • Distance- total distance
  • Training time- total time
  • Ascent- total metres gained
  • TScore- total T-Score
  • VO2 max- estimated VO2max
  • Calories- total calories burned
  • kJ- total kilojoules required for the work completed
  • Adj W- adjusted power for the activity
  • W/kg- watts per kg output over the specific time period
  • Avg pwr > thres- average power of all data points above threshold power
  • % time above thres- percentage of activity time spent above threshold
  • Avg speed
  • Avg SmO2
  • Avg Hb conc
  • Min temp
  • Max temp
  • Avg temp
  • Avg BPM
  • Peak BPM- peak heart rate during the activity
  • Avg W
  • Peak W
  • Avg pace
  • Adj pace
  • Avg pace above thres- average pace of all data points above threshold pace
  • Time above pace thres- time spent above threshold pace
  • Avg Alt- average altitude
  • Max Alt- maximum altitude reached

The “Notify on Achievements” section acts in a similar way as described above, but these settings control what achievements trigger notices on your activity, and notes to your inbox. This is separate to the calculation settings. For example, you can set the system to calculate achievements for all metrics, but only see notices for when you get power based achievements, as shown below.


Another use for the notification settings is you can turn off notifications for the more common Bronze (6 week) and Silver (6 months) achievements, but be notified when you hit a Gold (12 month) achievement.

For Coaches

As part of our new achievements feature, we have given coaches full control over the functioning of achievements on their athletes accounts. The configuration of achievements is done by clicking “Athletes” in the top-bar and selecting “Achievements”. This table will show the settings for all of your coached athletes. Please be aware that if the athlete had already turned off their achievements before you gained coach access, they will not appear in this table. You will need to get them to turn their achievements settings on from their own account, and then they will appear in the table. After that, the achievement settings will be locked from their account so only you, as their coach, have control of them.

The first option we will look at is the “Calculation” option, which appears as the achievement icon as shown below. This controls what achievements the system calculates. You can select which time periods are calculated (i.e. Bronze, Silver or Gold), which units we calculate peaks for (e.g. 5” pwr, 10’ w/kg, etc) and whether you wish to calculate achievements for all the activity summary metrics. For more info on each of these categories, please see the above achievements for athletes.


The other two options coaches can control is the achievements they are notified of, and the achievements their athletes are notified of. These columns are controlled by the “person” and “whistle” icon, as shown below.


For example, you may want your athletes to be notified of all achievements, but you may only want to be notified if they get a Gold achievement which is a 12 month PB. Please note that the “person” and “whistle” icons only control the notifications of achievements. If you have these turned off  you are still able to see the achievements on an athletes ride by going into the individual activity.