Kona wrap up

6 November 2018

When we first added multisport to our cycling training and technology platform in early 2018, we earmarked Kona 2018 as a key event that we wanted to attend, and what a spectacle it was! With the records tumbling on race day as well as countless other amazing achievements by both competitors and their ever loyal support team it was an experience that won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

Today’s Plan were excited to show off our suite of coaching and analytical tools to a variety of coaches and athletes from around the world. For us the feedback was resoundingly positive and confirmed to us that we were indeed delivering a platform that was addressing the needs and wants of coaching groups and their athletes from around the globe. Not only this, it confirmed that the path forward we have envisioned for our platform is driving change in the way in which coaches deliver their coaching to their athletes, and manage their business as a whole.

Today’s Plan home away from home.

Kona – start of the swim leg.

Kona – bike leg.

To hear a little more about the platform and the vision we have you can listen to coach Jim Vance, who went on the famous “Breakfast with Bob” show in Kona. He discusses why and how he uses Today’s Plan with his athletes, including 2016 Olympian and 70.3 World Championships Silver Medalist, Ben Kanute.