Major App update for Today’s Plan plus Apple HealthFit

7 November 2018

App update: Dashboards

We have had a major update to the Today’s Plan app, which includes a new Dashboard that allows detailed viewing of your training history, similar to the Dashboard on the Desktop website.

*Please note, these updates are to the current version of the Today’s Plan app. If your app does not appear like the screenshots below, you may still be on the old app. The new app is available to download in Android and IOS stores.

The Dashboard will appear as shown below. The default view is in “Metrics table” mode. The next screenshot across shows the settings, here you can enable a “heatmap” to highlight low/moderate/high values, or enable an “average row” to summarise the columns. The view can also be changed to a “Metrics table” for a more visual representation of your data.

App Screen Shots

The field shown in the table/graph can be changed by selecting the “Manage Fields” option in the settings shown above. Here you will see the full range of metrics available on the Desktop site. Up to 4 metrics can be viewed on the table in portrait mode, and rotating the screen to landscape mode will reveal 4 more metrics, for a total of 8 at a time. The data for each of your sports can be chosen by selecting from the “sport type” drop-down menu.

App Screen Shots

The chart and table are dynamic, so you have the ability to “drill” in and out of certain time periods. Firstly, you can select the time period you wish to view by clicking the drop down menu above the chart/table, and selecting a time period. In the table view, you can then press on the Month/Week to drill in and see the data for that time period. In chart view, you can do the same by pressing on column, and then pressing on the “zoom” icon that appears. Finally, when you zoom in to the weekly summary, you can press on an individual day to bring up the activities completed that day, and navigate straight through to analyse that activity.

App Screen Shots

Finally, coaches have the ability to view any of their athletes data in the dashboard, by pressing in the top right hand corner, and selecting “Athletes”. They can then pick their desired athlete to load all their training data into the dashboard. You will also notice we have moved the settings into the top right corner in the dropdown.

App Screen Shots

Apple HealthFit app update

Great news for users of the Apple HealthFit app who use their Apple Watch to record their health metrics. This feature now has automatic upload functionality to Today’s Plan with no more need to manually push daily wellness information. This sync now works the same as the workout feature with health metrics now being pushed automatically to Today’s Plan each day. If you want to take advantage of this new feature you will need to opt into it.

For new users: During the on-boarding process you can turn on the auto sync of the workouts and/or the health metrics.

For existing users: You need to go the settings of the app (More tab) and turn on the auto sync.

App Screen Shots