System update: Sport type highlights

27 November 2018

We have recently released an update to our platform to help better differentiate activities and their sport type. This is an icon and colour-coding system to make it easier for users to distinguish between activity types.

To turn these new visuals on, click the “options” icon in the top right hand side of the calendar to bring up the Calendar Preferences menu, as shown below.

Calendar Preferences

The most obvious place to view these new visuals is on the Calendar. This allows users to easily distinguish between activity types and keep the calendar clear of clutter when multiple activities are uploaded on the same day.

We have also added the ability to hide the workout descriptions in the calendar, this will reduce the amount of text on each day and give the calendar a cleaner look.

Sport type in calendar

The same icons are shown on the Dashboard when searching through recent or upcoming activities.

Sport type activity detail

These icons are also shown on the ‘file’ page so you can clearly see the activity type.

Sport type file page