Managing smart alerts

6 December 2018

Over the past few months our platform has been updated to provide a greater level of alert customisation through smart alerts for coaches. These settings affect what you and your athletes are notified of through your Today’s Plan inbox.

To access these settings, click to the Athlete’s tab in the top bar, and select “smart alerts”. This will reveal the smart alerts settings in “simple” view, as shown below:

Smart Alerts

Subjective Ratings

The first column allows you to set a minimum value for the athlete’s subjective ratings. If an athlete leaves a rating below that set value, you will be notified. The subjective ratings include diet, mood, stress (among others) and can be rated daily by the athlete through the Today’s Plan mobile app, or on the Desktop website, as shown below. These ratings are out of 9, the lower the number the worse the athlete felt in that aspect.

Subjective ratings

Activity Ratings

The activity ratings column controls alerts for the feedback left by athlete’s regarding each completed activity. These ratings can be left on the Desktop website at the bottom of the activity summary, or on the mobile app as shown below.

Activity ratings

These ratings are given out of 5 stars. 3 being the “ideal” rating, 1 being too short/easy, and 5 being to hard/long. The value entered in this column relates to how far away the reported value is from the ideal rating. For example, if you enter the value as 2, you will only be notified if an athlete rates an activity as either 1 or 5 stars. Entering the value as 3 will turn of the activity rating notifications completely.

General Alerts

The other columns in the simple view allow you to turn alerts on or off for yourself and for any athletes you coach. Each column represents the following alert types:

  • Device configuration- alerts related to head unit FTP mismatches and sample rates
  • Device management- alerts related to power meter battery, power meter firmware and zero offset
  • Data integrity- alerts to possible issues with a ride file e.g. altitude, temperature, power spikes
  • Workout targets- alerts related to scheduled vs completed targets
  • Thresholds- alerts related to system calculated “new thresholds”

Advanced View

The general alerts mentioned above can be further customised by toggling into the advanced view, as shown below.

General alerts

This allows full control over all the specific types of alerts. Please note, these settings control the notifications that you see, not your athletes. Control of your athlete’s alerts is done only through the simple view.


Some common examples of smart alert use include:

  • Turning off threshold alerts for athletes: some coaches turn off athlete alerts for calculated thresholds so only they are notified. This stops athlete’s applying the new threshold value before the coach has a chance to view the data.
  • Power meter battery: this is a common alert to have turned on for athlete to reduce the chance of their power meter going flat while completing a workout. As a coach you may wish to turn this alert type off for yourself as it is mostly relevant only to the athlete.


Please read our achievements blog for more information on how to manage achievements.