System Update – February 2019

21 February 2019

We have released a large number of site updates that are now in effect on the platform. These include a platform wide change in the way files are processed in the background, small changes to the UI in some areas and various small updates and fixes.

File processing changes

We have made a number of changes in the background to improve the stability of all actions related to file processing. This includes file uploads, file push/pull services, file reprocessing and faster processing of files.

App Update

We have notifications!

The latest version of the mobile app now available on the iOS and Android store now has notification functionality. Athlete’s will now receive notifications when a file is uploaded onto their account (both manually and automatically if being pulled from a third party), when they receive an inbox message from their coach (if applicable) and when a comment is left on an activity. Examples of the notifications are shown below.

App Notifications

If an activity has received an achievement, the number of achievements will also be included in the notification.

For coaches, they will receive a notification when a file is uploaded to their account, but will not receive a notification when they get an inbox message to reduce overload of notifications. In future updates we are working on allowing coaches to customise which athlete’s messages trigger notifications on the mobile app.

Calendar weather forecast – Accuweather

The weather forecast service on the calendar has changed from Weather Underground to Accuweather. This now includes a “feels like” temperature estimation for each day.

New weather provider

Invite new athletes – email prefill

When coaches send an access request to an athlete who does not have an account registered with us, we will now auto-prefill the email address box when they click the link to create an account.

Sign up prefill

Coaching company settings – colour picker

Coaches can now input a specific colour using the Hex colour code system, as shown below. This allows coaches to better fine tune their branding in Today’s Plan. This hex value is also available across the site in every place that you can select a custom colour eg. Zones, SPC, etc.

Hex colour picker

Coaches – setting custom zones

For a smoother user experience for coaches with custom zones, we have made a link between the zones applied to the coaches own account, and the custom zones in the coaching settings. This means that changes to the custom zones in either the coaches own account or the custom zones tab in the coaching settings will be carried over to the other. This keeps the zones for the coach and their athlete’s the same for easier editing and scheduling of workouts. Coaches can also now bulk apply custom zones to all the associate coaches in the coaching company. For more information about these settings for coaches feel free to contact us at

Custom Zones

Small updates and fixes:

  • Fix for repeated main intervals without a prescribed zone not adding into overall T-score
  • Adjustment to interval length calculation for some file types
  • Update so that scheduled workouts already on the calendar will have interval targets updated if the users threshold value is changed
  • Fix for some accounts temporarily falling out of premium mode at the end of the billing cycle
  • Update for max HR in weekly summary email
  • Update to file name display in peak power curve
  • Fix to allow repeats of warm-up interval on Zwift