Today’s Plan continues partnership with Colorado High School Cycling League

Today’s Plan is thrilled to announce that they will be continuing their partnership with Colorado High School Cycling League. At Colorado Cycling League ‘student-athletes graduate with confidence in mountain biking as a sustainable, inclusive, and healthy way of life.’ Today’s Plan is a great advocate of grassroots development programs in sport and is pleased to be able to provide continued support to this program.

Freshman Start

Colorado League South Conference Freshman Boys Start – Leadville, CO

Today’s Plan offers a training platform that allows the students from Colorado Cycling League to utilise the benefits of structured training. Coaches are able to communicate with their students through the platform and add another dimension in their introduction to cycling training. The students can monitor their journey and improvements throughout the season.

“We are excited to be continuing to help the kids of the Colorado Cycling league achieve their goals, as well as set new ones as they discover more about themselves and the sport of cycling. The Colorado High School Cycling League does a great job in providing opportunities for students coming through, and we are excited to help further their training education and enjoyment” stated Benji Marshall, Coach business manager at Today’s Plan.

“Colorado Cycling League coaches continue to be impressed with the Today’s Plan platform. Their training software is user friendly and has allowed our coaches the opportunity to develop training programs for a wide range of athletes from elite to novice level. We can’t thank Today’s Plan enough for their continued support.” John Hutchinson, Operations Director & Coach

About Colorado High School Cycling League

The Colorado High School Cycling League facilitates positive youth development through interscholastic cross-country, mountain biking for grades 9-12 in Colorado, southern Wyoming, and northern New Mexico. Our mission is to bring communities together through mountain biking as a low-impact healthy, outdoor activity. The organization produces a race series that is open to all student riders regardless of their level of skill, expertise and experience. The purpose is to build strong minds, bodies, and character, guided by the principles of inclusivity and equality, one pedal stroke at a time.
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About Today’s Plan

Today’s Plan is a leading software technology business that produces online training tools for endurance athletes and coaches across web, mobile and wearable platforms. Separately, Today’s Plan also works with several global sporting brands to create unique digital solutions for their businesses across web, mobile and device specific platforms.
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