Understanding workout compliance

10 July 2019

Today’s Plan has an automatic workout compliance function that allows users to see at a glance how accurately they are completing their sessions. This feature is also used by coaches to quickly scan through multiple athletes calendars and have their attention drawn to any potentially problematic sessions for further analysis. In this article we will show you where workout compliance is used and provide some tips to ensure your uploaded activities are associated with the correct workouts for the colouring to be applied.

Compliance colouring

Compliance colouring is based on the percentages of duration, distance and/or T-score you completed vs what was scheduled for the workout. The compliance colours are based on the following percentages:

  • within 15% – green
  • 15-35% – orange
  • outside 35% – red

The colours for each scheduled metric can be viewed by opening a workout and looking in the activity summary.

Workout Compliance

The colour of the workout, as it appears on the calendar, is based on the completed vs scheduled duration.

Workout Compliance

Files associated to the wrong workouts

If there are multiple workouts on the same day, for example a race warm up and then the scheduled race, you may find the files are associated to the wrong workout or event causing them both to appear red. To change which workout a file is associated to, firstly unassociate the files from the workouts by opening it and selecting “Unassociate” from the menu at the top. Once you have done this for each, you can then open each file and select the correct workout/event from the menu at the top to associate it.

Workout Compliance

If you would like any more information about the compliance colouring on the platform feel free to contact our support team at support@todaysplan.com.au and they will assist you further.