NEW FEATURE- Garmin workout push

22 August 2019

Garmin recently released a Training API that now allows Today’s Plan to share scheduled workouts directly to your Garmin Connect calendar and sync onto your Garmin device. 

Benefits for you: 

  • Sync your Garmin device to the Garmin Connect mobile app and your workouts will appear each day automatically! 
  • There are now less steps when syncing your workouts compared to using the Today’s Plan IQ App or Shifter. 
  • You can now choose which interval targets (power, pace, heart rate) are exported for each sport type all from your Today’s Plan account settings. 
  • Supports older Garmin devices that previously weren’t compatible with the IQ App.
  • Any updates to your future workouts in your Today’s Plan calendar are automatically synced across.

Follow the steps below to get this functionality set up on your account:

1. Setup outgoing connection with Garmin Connect

  • Login to your Today’s Plan account and click your name in the top right.
  • Under Account > Connections, look in the list of Outgoing connections and click “Connect” next to the Garmin Connect logo.
  • Follow the prompts to login and authorise your Today’s Plan account with Garmin Connect.

Garmin Connection2. Configure power, heart rate or pace target options

  • After setting up the outgoing connection to Garmin Connect you will be able to configure what the interval targets are for each sport type. 
  • This is available in Today’s Plan under Account > Thresholds/Zones > Select a sport type > Sport settings > select which targets you would like > Save. 
  • Each option you select will export as a separate workout into your Garmin Connect calendar. 

Garmin workout sync3. Check your Garmin Connect Calendar

  • Access your Garmin Connect account via the Garmin Connect mobile app or desktop website to confirm your scheduled structured workouts have synced across.
  • The current day and the next 5 days of training will sync.
  • It may take up to 10 minutes after initially connecting your accounts for your workouts to sync across and only structured workouts with interval targets will sync .
  • Each workout should have either heart rate, power and/or pace variant depending on the options you have selected in the previous step.

Garmin workout sync4. Sync your device with Garmin Connect

Sync your Garmin device with Garmin Connect by connecting it to the mobile app and pressing the sync button. The workouts will then be synced to your Garmin device. Depending on your specific device the workouts will either appear in the calendar or the workouts folder in the training section of your device. If you do not see workouts on your device after the first sync, manually force the device to sync again by opening the Garmin Connect mobile app and pressing the sync icon in the top right.

That’s it! Each time you wish to complete a workout simply sync your Garmin Device with the Garmin Connect mobile app and your workouts will be pushed onto your device for completion. For more information on how structured workouts are performed on a Garmin you can watch this video. 

If you have any issues with that process please contact our support team at and they will do their best to assist you.