NEW – Power by % threshold bpm

3 September 2019

Included in our latest site update is an improved power by heart rate dashboard widget. The changed dashboard widget now makes it easier to compare your progression over time, and for coaches to directly compare multiple athletes.

To start let’s look over the key features of the default view of the updated panel as shown below.

Power by % threshold bpm

The chart now displays power along the x-axis and % of threshold HR along the y-axis. This allows users to easily see how their power tracks in comparison to percentages of their threshold HR for different time periods. The threshold HR and PWR values are also highlighted on the graph by the red horizontal and vertical lines.

The main benefit of displaying the data as a percentage of threshold HR is that it is not prone to “decay” over time as an athlete’s maximal and threshold heart rate values drop. An athletes peak HR value for any given duration e.g. 5 min, 20 min 60 min, will decrease slowly as they age so comparing power outputs to percentage of threshold values can be more accurate over time.

The refreshed panel now also displays either HR or PWR zones in the background to easily identify the intensity of the values you are looking at.

Power by % threshold bpm

As with most of the panels there are a range of options available by clicking the options button in the top right hand corner. For this panel they include:

  • Display either watt or w/kg values
  • Display HR or PWR zones in background
  • Adjust the range of % threshold HR that are displayed

Below is an example of this panel in use. The user has “All time” selected as the time period and the panel automatically displays that data in yearly lines. The user can then easily see if there was an increase in average power at a specific percentage of threshold HR.

Power by % threshold bpm

To check out this new feature for yourself simply open your Dashboard > Click the “+” button in the top right > Performance tracking > Power by % threshold BPM!