System update – September 2019

24 September 2019

Activity Summary loading speed

The method for storing activity data has been updated in the system resulting in faster loading speeds. This now applies to the Activity Summary, you should notice large increases in the loading speed when opening an activity and loading the activity summary. In future updates the team is looking at carrying over these improvements to the Analysis section.

Activity Summary

Note– this speed increase only applies to files uploaded or reprocessed after the 23rd of September 2019. 

Connections tab visual update

The display in the connections tab has been updated to make the incoming, outgoing and application sections clearer and support an increased number of connection options as they become available down the track.

Connections View

Performance Index ability graph update

The ability graph on the Performance Index has been updated for cleaner visuals and new default settings. The graph will now only load with the current activity data shown as columns and the “Best” data points. The other time periods can be toggled on or off below the graph as required. The colour of the line for each time period is now the colour of strength for that time period, as shown below.

Performance Index

Distance based workout TScores

Running or swimming workouts that have intervals based on distance will now have TScore automatically calculated. Previously duration had to be used for TScore to be calculated, but the system will now automatically assign a TScore value for all intervals whether they are distance or duration based, as shown below.

Distance TScore

Power by % Threshold BPM graph

This replaces the old power by heart rate dashboard widget. The changed dashboard widget now makes it easier to compare your progression over time, and for coaches to directly compare multiple athletes. The chart now displays power along the x-axis and % of threshold HR along the y-axis. This allows users to easily see how their power tracks in comparison to percentages of their threshold HR for different time periods. The threshold HR and PWR values are also highlighted on the graph by the red horizontal and vertical lines.

Power by % Threshold BPM graph

Mobile app update

The first in a series of app updates to come has gone live. This cleans up the look of the activity summary screen shown below. Keep an eye on the Android and iOS app stores over the coming weeks as we have a range of exciting updates coming to the mobile app.

New app view

Small improvements/fixes:

  • Update to Strava push service for faster uploads
  • Update to login/sign up screen visuals
  • Fix for ascent units in analysis selection summary when in Imperial 
  • Removal of cycling cadence rules being applied to running activities