Uploading your historical data

11 December 2019

If you are new to Today’s Plan it can be useful to do a historical import of your files to make the most of the analytics tools on offer. This article will outline the various places you can export your historical files and how to upload them. The following platforms allow you to do an export of data:

  • Strava- full export
  • TrainingPeaks- full export
  • Garmin Connect- past 30 days only
  • Zwift- full export
  • Direct from device

For a detailed walkthrough of each step please see our detailed Masterclass video here.

Import from Strava

If you use Strava to track your training then doing a bulk download of all the files is the quickest and simplest way. You will first need to do a bulk download of your Strava files which is explained in this article: https://support.strava.com/hc/en-us/articles/216918437-Exporting-your-Data-and-Bulk-Export#Bulk

Once you receive and download those files you need to extract the compressed (zipped) folder that contains all your activity files. You can do this by double clicking the folder or right clicking and selecting “un-zip”. Then login to your Today’s Plan account, click the upload button at the top of the site, select all the files in that folder and upload. The system will auto-detect the sport type of the files when you upload them. 

Historical Uploads

If you are uploading multiple files (20+) it may take anywhere from 5-30 minutes to upload the files depending on your internet upload speed, so please be patient and leave the upload modal open until all the files have been processed.

Import from TrainingPeaks

For users on Training Peaks you can bulk export all of your files so they can be uploaded to Today’s Plan.You can quickly export the original files, all comments and any weight metrics you have entered in Training Peaks. For detailed instructions on that process please login to your Today’s Plan account and paste this URL into your browser: https://whats.todaysplan.com.au/en/help/how-can-i-bulk-import-my-historic-trainingpeaks-com-ride-data/

Import from Garmin Connect (previous 30 days only)

If you use a Garmin device and have your training stored in Garmin Connect you can get your previous 30 days of activities synced across automatically. To do this, setup the incoming connection from Garmin Connect by logging into your Today’s Plan account > Account > Connections > Incoming > Garmin Connect (that is the same connection that will bring in all your future completed activities). Within 24 hours of connecting that, your previous 30 days of completed activities will sync across. 

Please note that only activities completed on your Garmin device will sync across, any activities completed on third parties and pushed into Garmin Connect e.g. TrainerRoad, Sufferfest, etc will not. 

Import from Zwift

To upload your previous history on Zwift there are two options depending on how you use Zwift. If you use Zwift on a laptop or computer where you can access the Zwift folder you can easily upload all your completed Zwift files. If you use Zwift on Apple TV or a mobile device you will need to download the activity files individually as explained in option 2.

Option 1 (bulk upload from computer/laptop)

Once a ride has been completed the file will be saved to your computer. To locate the file click on ‘Finder’ and then ‘Documents’. Locate the ‘Zwift’ folder and then ‘Activities’ within this folder.

Historical Uploads

To upload those files simple login to your Today’s Plan account, click the upload button at the top of the site. Then go back to the Activities folder on your computer, select all the files you wish to upload then drag and drop them into the upload section on Today’s Plan. 

Historical Uploads

Option 2 (individual uploads for mobile device/Apple TV)

Firstly, login to your Zwift account at https://my.zwift.com/  > go to Activity Feed > Open your desired activity > click the cog icon above the name > Download Fit file.


This will download the activity as a .fit file onto your computer.

Then login to your Today’s Plan account, and click the Upload an activity file button which is located in the top right hand side of your page.

Historical Uploads

From the upload modal that appears, select Manually upload files and navigate to the downloads folder on your computer and select your desired fit files.

Import from device (Garmin, Wahoo, Suunto, etc)

If you don’t have all your historical files stored on one of the platforms mentioned above you can simply upload all the data stored on your device manually. To do that, plug your device into your desktop computer via USB then login to your Today’s Plan account and click the upload icon at the top of the site. Browse the file explorer window to find your device and locate the “Activities” folder which stores all the completed activity files. Select all and upload.

Historical Uploads

Each device has differing steps to connect via USB and the name of the folder which contains the activity files can vary. For specific instructions for your device please contact the device manufacturer.

Once you have your files uploaded to your account you should setup automatic connections with your device platform so all your future completed activities sync across. For information on that please see our third party connections blog post.