Subjective wellness ratings – a powerful coaching tool

19 February 2020

The subjective ratings in Today’s Plan give you, as a coach, greater insight into how your athletes are feeling mentally as well as physically. A unique aspect of  Today’s Plan is the integration of that wellness data around the site. Subjective wellness data is daily ratings left by each athlete easily through the mobile app or website which coaches can choose to be alerted to and view on different parts of the site. The full list of available subjective wellness ratings are:

  • Diet
  • Mood
  • Stress
  • Muscle soreness
  • Sleep quality
  • Fatigue (waking)
  • Fatigue (before activity)
  • Fatigue (during activity)
  • Satisfaction (within activity)
  • Performance (within activity)

In this blog post we will outline the various options available for customising subjective ratings and how you can be alerted to these ratings.

Select which ratings you wish your athletes to rate

As a coach you have control over which ratings you would like to turn on for your athletes. To adjust this, click your name in the top right of the site > Coaching settings > Ratings. Here you will see a full list of the available ratings (all are turned on by default). The top 3 (RPE, TQR, LQS) are activity ratings left on each completed activity, the rest are all subjective wellness ratings for each day. You can turn as many of these on/off as you would like. 

When your athlete’s login to the mobile app or website to leave their ratings, only the ratings you have turned on will be visible for them to rate.

Subjective Ratings

How to leave ratings

Ratings can be left on the mobile app or desktop website. On the mobile app, press to the Day Metrics tab at the bottom, then to the Wellness tab to see the list of available ratings.

On the website, go to a day in the calendar, then either click the star icon for that day (if you have the “show subjective wellness” calendar preference turned on) or click the “+” button in the bottom right hand corner of the day and select “Record subjective wellness”. 

Subjective Ratings

Customise alerts for the ratings

As a part of our Smart Alerts system on the platform, all coaches have the ability to receive alerts when an athlete leaves a particular rating. For example, you can set up the alerts so each time an athlete rates 3 or less (out of 10) for a rating, you are instantly notified with an alert through the inbox. 

This can be configured in groups; for example a common setting for coaches is to have a basic group with wellness alerts all turned off, then a higher priority group which has alerts if a rating is less than 4 out of 10. Coaches can leave a comment on any alerts in the inbox to open up communication with the athlete to get more information on why they left a low rating.

That can all be configured by clicking the “Athletes” tab at the top of the site > Smart alerts. Then choose the athletes or groups you want to adjust for by using the athlete picker in the top right. The column which adjusts the value for which you will receive notifications under is called “Subjective ratings”. If you want to turn ratings off for an athlete, click the value in the subjective ratings column, then remove it to leave it blank and press save.

Subjective Ratings

Subjective Ratings

Subjective Ratings

View subjective wellness ratings on the platform

There are a number of places where wellness data is integrated on the platform. These include:

  • Calendar- turn on the “Show subjective wellness” calendar preference to view daily wellness ratings directly on the calendar
  • Dashboard- the wellness ratings can be added to many Dashboard panels to view historical tracking of ratings (Daily time series, Metrics, Activites)
  • Load chart- when opening an activity from the calendar and clicking to the load tab to view the load chart, the wellness ratings can be displayed above to visualise how they track with variations in training load

Calendar view

Subjective Ratings


Subjective Ratings

Load chart

Subjective Ratings

As always, if you would like more information regarding the subjective wellness ratings feel free to contact our support team at who would be happy to answer any further questions.