Time saving tips for building your workout library

12 March 2020

The Today’s Plan workout builder and library has a range of features which can make the process of building and maintaining your workout library more efficient. In this article we will cover these features and show examples of how they can be used.

The main features are:

  • Progressive overload
  • Clone workouts
  • Copy intervals

Progressive overload

The progressive overload feature is an extremely useful tool when building your workout library, it allows you to efficiently build your workout library without having to create every single workout one by one. In Today’s Plan we allow you to apply progressive overloads to all workouts and intervals in 6-week blocks.

How it works

In the “weeks” field enter either a 1, 2 or 3. This will apply an additional step/overload every 1, 2 or 3 weeks over a 6-week period. You are then given the option to overload/progress the workout in 3 different ways, you can increase the number of reps, increase the duration of a rep, increase the intensity of a rep or use a combination of all 3.

Progressive Overload

Use case

A run workout has a 10 min warm up followed by 5 x 1km, then a 10 min cool down. Using the increments you could increase every week by 1 rep, this would mean week 2 you had 6 x 1km as the main set, week 3 would be 7 x 1km and so on. You have essentially created 6 separate workouts in the time it has taken you to do 1. When adding the workout to the calendar, you can choose which overload version of the workout you would like, or apply the base workout and have the overloads automatically applied for the next 6 weeks.


The ability to clone the workout means you do not need to create the entire workout again if you wanted to keep parts of a workout that has already been built.

How it works

  1. Open up a workout that has already been built and select the ‘Clone’ button. This generates an exact copy of the workout and saves it in your workout library, the name of the workout will be “Clone of…”- Use the ‘Add’ button to create new intervals and then the move icon to move the interval into desired location.
  2. Use the bin button to delete any intervals that are not required in the new workout.


Use case

You may have a specific warm up that you use for swim, ride or run workouts, you can save the warmup to your workout library. Each time you want to build a workout with this warm up instead of starting from scratch you can clone the ‘warmup’ workout and add in the specific intervals for this workout.

Copying intervals

The copy feature allows you to duplicate the interval so you do not need to recreate an interval that you have already built within that workout.

How it works

  1. Select the copy icon which is located on the right hand side of each interval. This will then copy and inject at the bottom of your structured workout.
  2. Use the move icon to drag it into position.

Copying Intervals

Use case

You may have a ride workout in your library with a main of 3 x 12 min strength efforts followed by 6 x 15 sec sprints, you then want to finish with 3 x 12 min strength efforts again. Instead of recreating the interval you can copy the first 3 x 12 min strength interval and drag it into place.

Handy hints

  • Use the ‘Outer’ and ‘Inner’ feature to create repeats of an interval or groups of intervals (explained in our outer and inner blog article).
  • Edit feature allows you to edit each interval individually. This is to fix any mistakes but also edit a copied interval you may need to change slightly.
  • Bin icon allows you to delete intervals. This is to fix any mistakes but also edit a copied interval you may need to change slightly.

Handy Hints

Having the ability to add progressive overload, clone workouts and copy intervals can make building your workout library extremely efficient. For further information please do not hesitate to contact support@todaysplan.com.au or watch our Today’s Plan Masterclass video on building workouts.