Time for the Trainer

16 April 2020

Unfortunate circumstances have meant we are all spending much more time inside than we may like, fortunately this doesn’t have to impact your training. There are a variety of devices and third party platforms that will ingest and display your Today’s Plan workouts so you can follow them on your trainer at home.

Direct push of workouts to device

Any structured workout you have in your Today’s Plan calendar will automatically push to compatible devices and third party platforms. Zwift and FulGaz are 2 virtual platforms that we automatically push workouts to. Compatible devices that you can set up automatic workout sync include Garmin devices, Wahoo and Lezyne.

Once you have completed your workout the files will automatically upload to Today’s Plan so you and/or your coach can analyse the data.

NOTE: If you have a compatible smart trainer you can sync your device and smart trainer to use ERG mode as you follow the workout, switch off the brain and go into autopilot 🙂

Indoor trainer

Direct sync: 3rd party options for auto syncing

  • Zwift: Is an online virtual cycling platform that blends the fun of video games with the intensity of serious training, helping you get faster. See our blog for more information.
  • FulGaz: Is a virtual platform that looks and feels as close to riding outdoors as possible.
  • Sufferfest: Comprehensive training for cyclists and triathletes designed by world-class coaches combine yoga, mind and strength training to reach your true potential.

Today’s Plan workout on Zwift

Direct sync: Compatible devices

  • Garmin: You have the ability to push a structured workout to the device which will display the steps involved in your session. If you have a compatible device and smart trainer then you can also set up your device to control the trainer.
  • Wahoo: The Wahoo head unit will display your structured workout, and also control your smart trainer.
  • Lezyne: You can follow your Today’s Plan structured workouts on your Lezyne headunit.

Manual workout push:

Where possible we try and set up a direct connection with companies that have the structures in place to ingest structured workouts, when this is not possible we provide a manual option. To get the workout file, open up the workout and select the download icon in the top right of the workout modal. You will then be provided with the file types available to you. For details on how to upload your file to the desired platform please see our article on ‘How to set up third party connections’.

Manual upload options:

  • Stages Dash: Dash has the ability to display structured workouts so you can follow along on the Dash while you ride
  • TrainerRoad: Make your hard work pay off with structured, power-based interval training
  • Computrainer: You can push structured workouts to Computrainer, this will control the trainer’s resistance to make sure you are hitting the correct targets.
  • Perfpro: Provides interactive training sessions using workouts, courses, or both

Manual workout download

If you would like further information on indoor training or Today’s Plan in general don’t hesitate to contact our support team at support@todaysplan.com.au.