Today’s Plan group workouts using Zwift Meetups!

9 April 2020

A popular feature for Today’s Plan users is the ability to sync scheduled workouts from their calendars directly to Zwift. You may also be aware Zwift has a feature enabling users to create “meetups” to ride in groups. Excitingly, there is now a way to combine those features so users can complete the same structured workout together inside a Zwift meetup.

This presents a great opportunity for coaches to prescribe the same training session to a group of athletes on Today’s Plan, then set up a Zwift meetup so athletes can ride together and complete the same workout at the same time. Please note that this is not a publicly advertised feature for Zwift as it’s not perfectly integrated, so a bit of work is required to get it setup.

For the purpose of these instructions we will take the perspective of a coach organising a group workout.

Step 1- Add structured workout to Today’s Plan Calendar

Choose the athletes you want to invite to the meetup, then add the same structured workout to that day in their calendar. You may wish to put a reminder of the start time of the Zwift meetup in the workout description!

Remember when building the workout there are specific features in the Today’s Plan workout builder you can use, such as adding an interval title and description which will show on the athletes screens at the beginning of the interval during the workout.

Today's Plan workout in Zwift

See this blog post to see all the features available in the Today’s Plan workout builder.

Step 2- Create the Zwift Meetup

We won’t outline all the steps here on how to create a Zwift meetup- that is covered in this article or this video. Once you understand how to create a meetup, there are three options you need ensure are set:

  1. Set the meetup for a set duration– make sure the duration is at least the length of the intended workout so the meetup doesn’t “end” before the workout is completed.
  2. Choose to “keep everyone together”– this ensures that no matter the power output the riders are doing during the workout, they all stick together.
  3. Remind the riders of the intended workout in the meetup description– direct them to select the desired workout from the “Today’s Plan Custom Workouts” folder in the workout selector

Create meetup on Zwift

Step 3- Time to ride!

Instruct your riders to join the ride early, you should aim to have everyone join the ride and be sitting together on Zwift 5 minutes before the ride starts. This is because it’s the following steps where everyone will select the structured workout. Each rider will need to do the following:

  1. Please join the meetup 5 minutes before the scheduled start time. Once you join the ride and are waiting for the start, click on Menu > Workouts or press “E” on the keyboard to open up the workout picker.
  2. Scroll down to the “Today’s Plan Custom Workout” folder and select the intended workout.
  3. This will load up the workout. Once the ride begins, the workout will start for everyone

Each rider in the meetup will need to do this individually, i.e. it will not automatically pick the workout for each rider. But once everyone has selected the same workout and the ride starts, everyone will be completing the same intervals at the same time!

You may wish to include the above steps in the workout description on Today’s Plan so every rider is aware of what they need to do when they join the meetup.

Select your workout

Bonus- Today’s Plan Jersey!

If you want to represent Today’s Plan as you ride around Zwift we encourage you to use the Today’s Plan jersey. This is available to all users who have their Today’s Plan and Zwift accounts linked. Look for the Today’s Plan jersey in the customisation store!

Today's Plan jersey in Zwift

Frequently Asked Questions

Will everyone on the ride stay together?

Yes, as you have selected “Keep everyone together” in the meetup options, all riders will stay as one group regardless of power output.

Does everyone need to hold the same power for the workout?

No, the workouts are based on % of FTP, so the session will be relative to everyone’s fitness.

Does everyone need to select a workout?

Yes, everyone individually will need to select the workout. But, if someone doesn’t select a workout or selects the wrong workout, they will still be riding in the group when the ride starts, but they won’t be following the same workout as everyone else.

What courses can we ride?

You can choose from any course, as the meetup is created based on duration. If you choose a short course, Zwift will have you doing laps of that course until the duration is completed

When will I be “asked” to join the meetup?

You need to be “in” the game to see the prompt to join a meetup, not just on the Zwift start screen. So start a regular ride, then you will see the prompt inviting you to join the meetup. You can then select the structured workout which will start when the meetup takes off.

How do I bring up the workout picker on Apple TV?

Press the button on the remote to bring up the Menu, then click to “Workouts”

Thanks to Zwift Insider for providing information regarding this feature, their original article can be accessed here. If you have any further questions on the use of Today’s Plan with Zwift, contact our support team at