Today’s Plan quick tips – Metric stacking in Daily time series

14 May 2020

The Daily time series on the Dashboard is a powerful chart which allows tracking of a huge range of metrics. An often underused feature is the ability to stack metrics on top of each other to see trends and relationships over time. Below is a Daily time series chart with CTL (training load), peak 5min power and peak 15min power. The date range is set back to 2016- this allows us to see how peak powers change with training load and make informed training decisions from the data.

Metric Stacking

Note- there is a near infinite number of metric combinations you can stack to compare. Have a think about the metrics which would be useful for you to compare and there is a good chance it can be setup on your Dashboard.

If you are struggling to find your metrics in the field selector, email and they can assist you in setting your Daily time series up.