Create your community in Today’s Plan

16 June 2020

If the global pandemic has shown us anything it’s the importance of staying connected. In Today’s Plan we have updated our friends access feature so you can create your very own community in Today’s Plan.

This new feature allows you to share your training data with friends. Users can now grant friend access to another Today’s Plan user, which allows for two way sharing of training information. This allows the following interactions:

  • View your friends training data on your dashboard (recently completed activities, weekly/monthly totals, training load, etc)
  • Click to view summary information on individual training sessions
  • Leave comments on your friends training sessions
  • Send direct messages to your friends

Please note the friend access allows for two way sharing, so once you either grant or request friend access, you will be able to see your friends data, and they will be able to see yours. See the steps below for how to get friend access.

To request friend access, login to your account on the desktop website > Click your name in the top right > Access > Enter the email address of your friend > Select that you want to be their “Friend” and click Request.

Friends connection

Once accepted, the first place to view their data is on the Dashboard. You will see a new filter in the top right hand corner of the Dashboard which allows you to choose which athletes data is populating the Dashboard. You can choose just yourself, just your friend, or multiple friends to view at once.

Friends connection

If you have your friends selected on the Dashboard their training data will populate all the widgets you have selected. Here are some widgets we recommend trying out for viewing your friends data:

  • Activities- view recently completed training and click through to see activity summary (as shown below)
  • Daily time series- compare your training totals with your friends over historical time periods
  • Peak output curves- compare your peak pace/power/etc with your friends

Friends connection

We hope you enjoy the added ability to compare your training with your friends. If you have any questions about his feature feel free to contact support at