New Feature: Time in Cadence zones

30 June 2020

Our latest site update includes a brand new feature for all premium users: Time in zones for cadence. This gives users a new tool for insight into their cadence data for ride activities.

This breakdown is available on the activity summary for any ride activities, in the Time in zone tab. The chart splits up cadence for the entire ride into sections so you can see time spent in each cadence bracket. You can also see time spent at 0 RPM (i.e not pedalling) which is a useful metric for race analysis. 

Our team has been able to push this update live for all ride files so you can begin viewing this data straight away on the desktop. At the moment this is only available on the desktop website in the activity summary (as shown below) but we have plans to get this available in the mobile app soon, and then the Dashboard and Analysis sections further down the track.

Time In Cadence Zones

If you have any questions regarding this feature, please contact our support team at for assistance.