Today’s Plan quick tips – Metric filtering in file search

4 June 2020

The file search tab can be very useful if you know about the ability to search/filter by defined metric values. This is available for a range of metrics, but in this example we will use filtering by peak powers. For example, you want to look back at your peak 20 minute powers but you don’t want just the single highest peak that you find on the peak power chart. That file search can help with this!

Click your name in the top > Files > Click search in the top right > Enter a specific time period or select a date range to cover a long period of time.

Then down the bottom under “Add field to search for…” search for peak 20min power, click it to select it, then you can enter a power range to find files for. If your all time peak 20 minute power is e.g. 430 watts, you might enter 420 as the minimum value, and leave the maximum value blank. Then click search. Now in this example you will see a list of all the activities that have a peak 20 minute power above 420 watts. From here you can see the dates of the files and open them to go in for further analysis.

Metric Filtering

Metric Filtering

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