ATTN Garmin users: How to manually upload files

24 July 2020

Due to the current outage across all Garmin online services, Today’s Plan Garmin users will not have their completed automatically training sync into their Today’s Plan account, and their scheduled workouts will not automatically sync to their devices. 

To get around this, Today’s Plan users can manually upload their training and sync scheduled workouts to Garmin devices.

Upload training manually

To upload training from your Garmin device, plug in your device via USB to your computer. Then login to your Today’s Plan account > click the upload icon at the top of the site > Manually select files. 

Garmin - manual uploading

Garmin - manual uploading

Then navigate to the Garmin folder on your computer > Activities > select the activity you wish to upload > click Upload files.

Export scheduled workouts manually

If you have an upcoming workout you wish to follow on your Garmin device you can manually import it. Firstly, export the workout from your Today’s Plan account by opening the workout on your calendar > click the download icon > Click “Garmin FIT” for either the Power, HR and/or Pace targets. 

Garmin - push to device

Then open up Finder on your computer and navigate to the Downloads folder. Find the exported workout .fit file and drag it into the Garmin > NewFiles or Garmin > Workouts folder on your Garmin device. 

The next time you turn on your Garmin device the workout will appear in the Training section of the device ready for completion.

When the Garmin systems are back online your accounts will return to normal and sync as they were before. If you need any further assistance with this please contact support at