Coaching tool: Live Activity Feed

20 August 2020

A lesser known feature for coaches is the ability to set up an activity feed on the Dashboard to see a stream of the most recently uploaded files from all athletes. This allows coaches to stay up to date with athletes training as its uploaded and decrease the delay time in providing feedback.

Live Activity Feed

This can be setup by clicking to the Dashboard, pressing the “+” icon in the top right and selecting the Activities panel. Then use the athlete picker to select all your desired athletes you wish to monitor. 

To update the list, press the refresh button at the top of the site to show the latest activities that have been uploaded. The summary fields at the top of the chart can be customised to show any desired metrics, you may wish to see peak paces or power for different durations, or perhaps the RPE rating for the session. 

You may also wish to filter your activity feed by achievements or peak performances. For example you may wish to only have activities displayed that contain a new peak power achievement.

Live Activity Feed

If you have any questions about this feature feel free to contact our support team at for assistance.