Mobile App update – Part 2 including Activity Record

13 August 2020

If you missed Part 1 of our app updates you can find that here. The second of these app updates is now available for download on iOS and Android. The main updates in this new release are:

  • Record an activity (including GPS and sensor pairing)
  • Add a training plan
  • Add a calendar note 
  • Edit profile and thresholds/zones settings
  • Update training availability
  • In-App help

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Record an activity

The app now has activity recording functionality. Users can record rides or runs with GPS data from the phone and sensor pairing via bluetooth to record power or heart rate. Completed activities are directly uploaded to the users Today’s Plan account. This means that users that do not have access to a recording device such as a head unit or watch will be able to record their activity with their phone and have it upload directly to Today’s Plan.

Activity Record

Adding a training plan

Users can now add a training plan from inside the app. Please note that if you are a coach, or a coached athlete, you may not see this option depending on your coaches settings. After pressing through to add a plan, you can select from the available sport types (if plans for multiple sport types are available) and use the plan duration slider to show plans up to your desired length. You can then select to add a plan and choose the start date.

Add a Training Plan

Add a calendar note

Users can now add calendar notes from the app. These are used to log changes to your training availability for a specific day or period of days in the future. If you have a coach, adding a calendar note will send them a notification of the change.

To add a calendar note, press the day options button on the calendar > Add calendar note > fill in the required fields and press ‘Save’. Once a calendar note is added on a day, you can view and edit/delete it by pressing the icon in the top left next to the date and star icon. 

Calendar Note

Edit thresholds/zones

Individual sport thresholds can now be updated in the app. Click through to your Account settings > Threshold/zones > choose a sport > update the threshold power/pace/heart rate value where appropriate.


Update training availability

Users can update their training availability in the mobile app. This is useful if you have a coach as you can inform them of how many hours you have available per day, and the total maximal value available per week. Please note that these are general training availability for an average week; to add specific availability for an individual date in the future, please use the calendar notes explained previously.


In-App Help

In-App help articles are now available. You can navigate to these by clicking on the menu in the top left hand corner and select ‘need help?’. As always, if you need further assistance you can contact our support team at

In-App help

Small updates/bug fixes

  • Fix for Dashboard fields resetting to defaults

For a more detailed look at the general features available in the Today’s Plan mobile app, please see our Major App Update blog post.