Today’s Plan quick tips – Reference lines

6 August 2020

Users can set reference lines on the analysis graph for various metric values (power, pace, HR, etc) to quickly highlight when the intensity has lifted throughout a session. For example, the  athlete below has set a reference line for cycling at 600w, which is the power value they aim to keep under as much as possible when racing to reduce the onset of fatigue. 

As you can see in the screenshot, the periods of time when power spiked over 600w is clearly highlighted so they can investigate further. This allows them to assess whether those spikes in power were necessary to achieve their race result, or if they are unnecessary spikes which they can aim to reduce. 

Reference Lines

To set a reference line, open the analysis graph on an activity of your desired sport type, click the cog icon in the top right > Reference lines. Then select which metric you would like to set a line for, and enter your desired value.

Reference Lines

Please note: the analysis graph applies visual smoothing to the displayed data when showing longer (30+) minutes of data to fit the resolution of your device screen. Because of this, short spikes in power/pace/HR may not be shown if a long time period is selected on the graph. For the best detail in showing spikes, please zoom into smaller sections along the graph to show finer detail in data spikes.

For more information on a range of Today’s Plan features, check out our Masterclass videos on our YouTube Channel.